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Saturday, November 29, 2014


This afternoon I spent a fun four hours at the Yuk Yuks Comedy Club in the Western Fair District. The afternoon was dedicated to the creative efforts of the incoming council who were to entertain us with two poems they had prepared: one about themselves and one about the city they will soon represent. They were great!

During "half-time", I had an opportunity to present a song I had written in honour of the new council. I sang it with my friend Jackie Dix who can play the guitar and carry a tune. Here it is. The melody is from "Four Strong Winds" which also provides the format.

Four Strong Women

Four strong women you elected, eleven men you voted in
All these councillors are progressive types we hear.
Oh the good times will begin starting with the swearing in
On the first day of the last month of the year.

Guess I won’t go out to Calgary, I can get good governance here.
Got a mayor who collaborates with ease.
No more squabbles over baubles, they will all be of good cheer.
And they won’t be holding trysts at Billy T’s.

They’ll be starting when the snow flies and if things are going good
They will have the budget done in record time.
Then they’ll pass the London Plan, maybe fix the Springbank Dam,
And some stuff for which I can’t think of a rhyme.

Four strong women you elected, eleven men you voted in
All these Councillors will make us proud, no doubt
Oh their duties they won’t shirk, they will gladly do the work,
But whatever will I find to blog about?

See you at the inauguration on Monday. Many thanks to John Hassan, Holly Painter, Lincoln McCardle, Jeff Bennett, Shawn Adamsson and Sean Quigley and many others whose names I don't know who made it all happen. And, of course, the London Youth Advisory Council for providing talent and energy.

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Joe Pritchard said...

I am taking in the inauguration and have two tickets that will not be used...

Looking forward to a new start. It will be interesting to see which of the panting enthusiasts receive the first NO. I have to say with some disappointment that it was most discouraging to have the issue of Food Trucks come up as an issue of importance. As a previous owner of a restaurant in downtown London - you do not want to get me started on that issue. So, what am I driving at here - lets show some patience. We are all pleased with our collective voting results and there are going to be some NOs. Looking forward to Monday evening!!!