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"Ever wonder if City Council is as contentious and chaotic as it is sometimes portrayed? Here you can get a progressive perspective on some of the issues from someone who spent four years in the trenches. Totally unbiased, though! Feel free to comment but keep it respectful, just like they do at council."

About me

I served on London City Council as a member of the Board of Control from 2006 to 2010. Before being elected to the Board of Control I was a sociology professor at Fanshawe College, teaching courses in crime and deviance, status of women, social issues and research methods. I have also taught in the elementary schools of Hamilton, Varanasi, India, and London, Ontario. I am a strong advocate of legal, economic and social justice, and animal welfare.

During the 2006 municipal campaign, I committed to work for environmentally responsible development,strong public services and programs,fair taxes and charges, and to eliminate the Board of Control. I was the only Board of Control member who supported its abolition. That is what the public said it wanted in the referendum of 2003; that is what happened when voters went to the polls in 2010.

In addition to attending meetings at city hall and blogging about them, I serve on a number of boards and committees including the Committee of Adjustment for the City of London, the Historic Sites Committee of the London Public Library, the Society for Learning in Retirement London, Fanshawe Chorus, and the London West NDP.

Since 1972 my husband Ted and I have lived in Byron, sharing our home with a succession of stray felines which enjoy my gardening efforts.

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