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Friday, October 10, 2014

Guest Blogger Leroy Osbourne

Note: The following post is provided as a public service and is not an endorsement of the candidate or the views expressed in the post. Other trustee candidates may request a similar opportunity and, if time and space permit, will be accommodated. Please keep your submissions short, under 500 words if possible. This will be available only for trustee positions which are rarely covered by the established media.

Trustee candidate for Thames Valley District School Board  Ward 7, 8, 9, 10 & 13

As you consider the candidates who resonate with your beliefs this weekend and going into Oct 27th, take time to be an informed voter and consider all those who are running for public school trustee.  With a budget of $850 million dollars, it is important to all taxpayers and families of the Thames Valley School Board to ensure the best individuals are representing your views and concerns.

A question that comes up often for me is why am I running for a position  like school board trustee.  My response is to give back and to continue to do what I know, and that is look out for others.  I am the first born of four; that life experience instilled in me the need to be a fill-in parent, role model and caregiver of my younger siblings. In my university student days, I was part of the student residence staff being partly responsible for 30 young adult men on my floor. In my final year, I was elected Student Council Vice-President representing the student body of King's University College. More recently, I enjoyed the rewarding experience of working with children, teens and young adults as a counsellor in St. Thomas.  Now, I continue working with young adults as a residence manager at Kings. Finally, and the most dearest to me, I am a pride filled first-time parent as I care for and look out for my four year old little girl.  Looking out for and caring for someone is all I have ever known.  Giving back in the capacity of a Trustee made the most sense to me; to continue to give back and look out for others, especially our children.

My education, experience and engagement:
-BA in Psychology
-MA in Clinical Mental Health Counselling
-London Distress Centre Phone Volunteer
-Kings University College Student Council Vice-President
-Counselling Intern and community outreach staff member (St. Thomas)
-Committee work through Kings
-Condominium Director (7+ years)
-Assistant Residence Manager at Kings
-Small scale landlord
-Proud father

My priorities:
-engaging parents, teachers and communities
-pursuing opportunities for academic & personal success for students
-building better schools through working with communities

My concerns:
-under performing schools across the board.
-inconsistent implementation of anti-bully initiatives
-implementation of Kindergarten/Gr. 1 split classes
-overuse of portables at over capacity schools while under utilized schools close
-40-60 minute school bus commutes as acceptable average targets. Even for very young children.

Feel free to contact me with your questions.

email: losbour@uwo.ca
phone: 226-271-1798

A bright and promising future should the right of every child. I seek the opportunity and your vote to ensure that happens.


Kathy Clee said...

What is an "under performing school?"

Anonymous said...

Since childhood I have been aware of adversarial individuals on school boards as well as other community facilities and organizations. Ex. As young parents my friends & I wanted to play volleyball 1 night /week @ our children's school. School said "Yes". Then school board said "No". This is the cause of underuse of facilities, duplication of busing etc. and general waste of money and community resources. How will you achieve better collaboration?