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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Guest Blogger Brenda Ryan

Note: The following post is provided as a public service and is not an endorsement of the candidate or the views expressed in the post. Other trustee candidates may request a similar opportunity and, if time and space permit, will be accommodated. Please keep your submissions short, under 500 words if possible. This will be available only for trustee positions which are rarely covered by the established media.

TVDSB Candidate Wards 7, 8, 9, 10 & 13

For over 25 years I have been an active, knowledgeable advocate for children and youth.  I have had the opportunity to participate on the Board of Directors of many organizations with a mandate of enhancing the lives of children and youth.  I did this while my husband and I raised 4 children and a foster child and I held a successful sales and marketing career in the corporate world of industrial electrical and electronic manufacturing. 

It has always been my passion to give to those in need, as a spokesperson, who truly understands their issues.  For over 7 years I volunteered on the Board of Directors holding several positions up to Chairperson of Second Base Youth Shelter in Toronto.  Second Base was the first homeless shelter that we built for youth 16 to 21 to stay for up to 3 months.  At the same time, I was the founder of PEP Talk, a support group for families dealing with high-risk youth. I have a solid reputation for contributing my experience and expertise with the ProvincialAdvocate for Children and Youth.  There I have worked in groups developing appropriate practices under their mandate to support children and youth with disabilities in need.  After moving to London I was a Board member of Street Connection where homeless youth received needed services.  In 2011 I developed the London Adaptive Cooking Class for persons with disabilities to learn how to overcome their challenges and allow everyone with a disability the opportunity to be successful in the kitchen. There are several videos about these classes including one that was developed by the Accessibility Directorate of Ontario.   It can be seen on Youtube at http://youtu.be/zCLEgL49ZdU  Many other articles are available on line that will give you further information about my professional commitment and accomplishments.  This information can be obtained by goggling ‘Brenda Ryan London Ontario’.

My most recent recognition was in 2013 when I was a recipient of a June Callwood Award for OutstandingVolunteerism from the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration.  This award is presented to individuals in Ontario who are recognized for their outstanding volunteer leadership and contribution to Ontario.   In 1994 I was also recognized nationally as a recipient of an award from the Governor General of Canada for my contribution to Compatriots, Community and Canada.  But this is not why I do what I do!

 It is my desire to advocate for every child and youth to succeed to their full potential in life through education and the best environment we can provide for them.  They truly are our future.

I am running as a candidate for Thames Valley District School Board at this time to offer my lifetime of experience and knowledge successfully advocating for students who cannot speak for themselves.  Families with students in the Public School system are in desperate need of an individual with an established success record of advocating very difficult, contentious issueswith all levels of government to represent them at the Board.   The educational system has an urgent need that must be dealt with now!   The voters can’t afford to accept an individual who can only try to do the job.  You and the students need a person, at this time, who can do the job!’

If you do not have a child in school system many voters feel the issue of Trustee is not relevant to them.  But consider the importance of the annual budget that is being paid through your tax dollars and many voters will appreciate the need to vote for a candidate who understands effectively money manage of the $850 million annual budget.   

Please contact me for additional information.

Brenda Ryan
TVDSB Candidate Wards 7, 8, 9, 10 & 13
Website: brendaryan.ca
(519) 858-1846
(519) 691-6225

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