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Thursday, May 29, 2014

A white-out brush and a pink eraser

Marty Robbins wrote  "A White Sport Coat and a Pink Carnation" in 1957. It sold over one million copies, and was awarded a gold disc. Listen to the original version and perhaps you can appreciate why this image came to me as I listened to the cross-examination of Joe Fontana.

A white-out brush and a pink eraser

A white-out brush and a pink eraser
I’m all set up to create
A document that is so original
No one will question the date.

First of all eliminate
Mike and Christy’s wedding date.
Vicky’s signature is gone
I can put my own name on!

A white-out brush and a pink eraser
Just send the payment to Joe!

I can bill expense accounts
For significant amounts.
Long-time friends will back my claim
They won’t jeopardize my name!

A white-out brush and a pink eraser
Taxpayers won’t ever know!


Anonymous said...

How Apropos! In this context, Marty Robbins would approve.

My hope is that ALL of London remembers when it comes time to Vote, the damage that the Fontana/Swantana "8" has done to Our Beautiful City.

None of them deserve to be re-elected. The closed door (under-handed) dealings in the guise of Economic Development (with back-end personal returns). Where were they (Fontana in particular) when Ford and Caterpillar where closing their doors. Who fought for the 3,000+ JOBS lost forever...And that is only 2 Companies that have left London, never to return.

A number of after hour Restaurant Rendezvous under the guise of WHAT..."OH" we ALL just innocently happened to be in the same place at the same time, AFTER HOURS!!! What a coincidence??? When they were found out it was like watching RATS leave a sinking ship...They tried to "slink" out the back door of the Restaurant, hoping not to be discovered. WOW, you sell the people of London so short.

Who is holding these people accountable and this is JUST the tip of the (corrupt) iceberg. They are a disgrace!!!


Here’s a question…Who’s worse…
Joe Fontana or Rob Ford???

Take your pick…a Crook or a Crack Head. Our Government at work and at it’s best.

So Proud To Be A Canadian (NOT)!!!


Optimistic Taxpayer said...

Good one, Gina.

Perhaps Joe will discover that with a judge making the decision, he can't talk his way out of this little mess.

Anonymous said...

Now that Fontana has FINALLY decided to resign after all the damage has been done...We now have the pleasure (NOT) of dealing with Joe Swan (of the famous Swantana 8) as Interim Mayor. Joe Fontana's Right-Hand-Man or CLONE!!!

Talk about going from the FRYING PAN right into the FIRE. He cannot even run Orchestra London properly...How can he expect US to trust him to run Our City? NO WAY!!!

I truly hope, that Joni Baechler will step in to run the City between now and the Fall Election. In doing so, I want more than anything for her to have a change of heart and to run for Mayor of London. She is the only one on Council that deserves the position. She has worked so hard and tirelessly for this City, mostly going Head to Head against the Voting Block of The Fontana 8.

Joni has always been a strong advocate for ALL of us, keeping OUR best interests at Heart and not having Self-Serving or Pocket Lining Hidden Agendas.

London, PLEASE REMEMBER come Election time...This is when WE have Our Voice...NO MORE Ineffective, Self-Serving, CROOKS on Council.