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Monday, January 6, 2014

Looking back at 2013: A quiz

Already, candidates are out of the gate to contest the coming election so a look back at how the current crop behaved this year. Voter's memories are short, they say. How about yours? Here's a chance to check and refresh. Happy New Year!

It's all in good fun. You can include your name or pick an alias, but not anonymous, please.


Anonymous said...

thanks for doing this Gina. With the number of women not running again, we are surely in trouble in this city.

R. Cain said...

1. Will the marks be posted?
Or are they to be reviewed 'in camera'?

2. Is the marker amenable to persuasion/bribes?

3. Is there a 'slush fund' of trinkets and trash – especially fridge magnets – available to reward the participants?

Gina Barber said...

I can access the aggregate responses per question, but not individual scores, I think.I'll see if I can make that available to you. It's a new program and I am not yet familiar with all the features. The previous one kept crashing. There should also be an opportunity to redo the quiz for a better score!